Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Paterson: Book II, Chapter 1, p. 45--(so close are we to ruin every day!) II

(so close are we to ruin everyday!)

you can have
my leg-skin
(when I die),
if you want it.

KMC 10/29/13

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paterson, Book II, Chapter 1, p. 55-56

Capital of Call and Response

Let me
say again:
the present
is never present.

Yes, I know:
a pun.
The implication, of
course, is our gifts
are behind us:
signifying old feelings
through old money
and at times
celebrating the
ongoing nature
of things.

But of course,
none of us can wait
to open them.

How could we?

Another call
and response.
A confirmation
of existence
a moment ago
and a moment
a string of pearls
run backwards
to ourselves.


But this sermon
is tired;
 and I am
More sense,
borrowed from sense;
more pretense
borrowed from tense.
So much giving back,
so much taking—
and then
but always, like
sound, like
light, in

My words, and
your words;
my words, and
your words
are currency.

KMC 10/18/13